We are excited to have this opportunity to talk about Living Solutions, LLC. It has not always been as easy for us to leave our AZ home each summer until we met Mary Ann.  Mary Ann has taken a real interest to get to know us and our home. She has a keen sense of being able to spot a situation that needs attention before it becomes a big problem. She truly cares for our home as if it were her own. She also stays in close contact with us to let us know that she is there on top of everything. We find this both very comforting and very helpful. We can say that Living Solutions, LLC is the best home management and concierge service we have ever used; because of the owner, Mary Ann. She’s wonderful.

Bob and Emily
R. L. Twist Ranches


When I sold my home, Mary Ann was there for me throughout the entire process. She guided me through staging my home to show off its best features, hiring reliable repairmen to complete repairs, and finding the help I needed to complete the actual move.

Thanks to her help, I received three offers within the first 10 days and was able to sell my home within a short period of time. Mary Ann is the epitome of professionalism, vision, integrity, and enthusiasm. When I buy my next home, I hope to have her right by my side! She’s priceless!

Phoenix, AZ


I have personally known Mary Ann Kraft for over 10 years and have been privileged to recommend her to my clients with overwhelming approval. As a realtor it is vitally important to me that my clients are afforded the home management and concierge service they have come to expect. I am always confident when I recommend Mary Ann I can be assured she will provide the highest quality of professional services with an unqualified level of expertise to solve any problem a homeowner may encounter.

Susan Thomas
Luxury Home Specialist

Living Solutions is the most professional and efficient concierge service we have ever used. Mary Ann Kraft has the skills and experience to ensure that our home is always secure, well maintained, and in good repair when we are absent. She has demonstrated the highest integrity possible and our trust in her is absolute.

Roger and Karen Hale, Scottsdale, AZ
Hale & Associates


When a job transfer required a cross-country move for our family we were concerned about leaving our home and all of our belongings unattended for months at a time. Living Solutions has been a Godsend for us; Mary Ann can handle anything thrown her way, from the ordinary to the extraordinary, and always with a positive "can-do" attitude. We know we can count on Mary Ann to make a special effort if something goes wrong and she will always care for our home as if it were her own.  When it comes to caring for a second home, Living Solutions has the key. Mary Ann has been there for us through dead car batteries, HVAC units that die during the summer months, alarm incidents that were triggered by a need for new battery back-ups and more. Mary Ann responds quickly, professionally and always with good cheer. We don't know what we would do without her.

McCoy and Simon Architects

Living Solutions has changed our lives. We no longer worry about leaving our vacation home because we know Mary Ann Kraft is the most professional home management concierge in Arizona. Our home is always kept in excellent condition by Mary Ann when we are not there and ready for us when we return. We cannot recommend her highly enough.

Lucy and Ed Minor Chicago, Il. and Scottsdale